Con-current Oral Abstract Presentations Session 7

Biomimetic Materials


Blocking macrophage attachment to biomaterials with CD47

S. J. Stachelek1, M. Ueda1, R. K. Tsai2, I. Alferiev1, D. E. Discher2, R. J. Levy1;

1Children's Hosp. of Philadelphia, Philadelphia, PA, 2Univ. of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA.


Biomimetic Injectable Hydrogels for Novel Myopia Treatment

J. Su1, C. F. Wildsoet1, K. E. Healy2;

1Sch. of Optometry, UC Berkeley, Berkeley, CA, 2Materials Sci. & Engineering and Bioengineering, UC Berkeley, Berkeley, CA.


Sequential Immobilization of Thrombomodulin and Endothelial Protein C Receptor on Polyurethane.

K. E. Kador, T. Mammedov, M. Schneider, A. Subramanian;

Univ. of Nebraska-Lincoln, Lincoln, NE.


Immobilized VEGF Promotes Tubulogenic Activity in 3D Protease-degradable PEGDA Hydrogels

J. E. Leslie-Barbick, J. J. Moon, J. L. West;

Rice Univ., Houston, TX.


Controlled exploration of synergistic effects of heterotypic cell-cell interactions and mechanical stimulation on blood vessel formation

M. Kanzelberger, D. Munoz-Pinto, M. S. Hahn;

Texas A&M Univ., College Station, TX.


Proteoglycan Mimics Influence Collagen Assembly and Smooth Muscle Cell Function

A. Panitch, J. E. Paderi, S. Higbee, K. Stuart;

Purdue Univ., West Lafayette, IN.


Modulating Endothelial Cell Response with Artificial Extracellular Matrix Proteins Designed for Application in Small Diameter Vascular Grafts

J. C. Liu;

Purdue Univ., West Lafayette, IN.


HELP (Human Elastin-like Polypeptide) as a key component in matrices for regenerative medicine

M. Tanzi1, S. Bozzini1, S. Faré1, P. Petrini1, A. Fotticchia1, A. Bandiera2;

1Politecnico di Milano, MILANO, ITALY, 2Universitá degli Studi di Trieste, TRIESTE, ITALY.



Increased osteoblast density in the presence of calcium phosphate coated magnetic nanoparticles

N. Tran, R. Pareta, T. J. Webster;

Brown Univ., Providence, RI.


Nanostructured Mesoporous Silicon / Polymer Composites as Ophthalmological Platforms: An In Vivo Assessment

J. Coffer1, D. Fan1, K. A. Williams2, K. Marshall2, N. Voelcker2, S. Klebe2, A. Loni3, L. Canham3;

1Texas Christian Univ., Fort Worth, TX, 2Flinders Univ., Adelaide, AUSTRALIA, 3PSi Medica Ltd, Malvern, UNITED KINGDOM.


Zinc-Doped Ferrites As Novel Integrated Magnetofluoroscent Imaging Probes

A. K. Sra, P. Dutta, X-M. Zhao, R. Tian, J. Gao;

Univ. of Texas Southwestern Med. Ctr., Dallas, TX.


Comparison of Three Non-Fouling Thin Films on Silicon Nanopore Membranes

L. Li1, R. E. Marchant2, S. Roy1, W. H. Fissell1;

1Cleveland Clinic, Cleveland, OH, 2Case Western Reserve Univ., Cleveland, OH.


Novel Osteogenic Peptide Modified Helical Rosette Nanotubes for Improving Orthopedic Applications

L. Zhang1, U. Hemraz2, H. Fenniri2, T. J. Webster1;

1Brown Univ., Providence, RI, 2Natl. Inst. for Nanotechnology and Dept. of Chemistry, Univ. of Alberta, Edmonton, AB, CANADA.


Quantitative Analysis of Pancreatic Cancer Cell Lines using Functionalized QDs

K. Lee, J. Park, J. F. Galloway, A. Maitra, P. C. Searson;

Johns Hopkins Univ., Baltimore, MD.


Nanohydroxyapatite-Titanium Coating Created by Novel Molecular Plasma Deposition for Bone Tissue Engineering

T. M. Shimpi, D. M. Storey, B. S. Kitchell, G. Balasundaram;

Chameleon Scientific, Plymouth, MN.


Host-guest interaction mediated core-shell assemblies as novel versatile nanocarriers for drug delivery

J. Zhang, P. X. Ma;

Univ. of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI.