Con-current Oral Abstract Presentations Session 8

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Cancer Drug Delivery


Photo-Targeted Nanoparticles

T. Dvir;

MIT, Cambridge, MA.


In situ Polymerization of a PEG Monomer from the C-Terminus of an Intein Fusion Protein Significantly Improves Pharmacokinetics and Tumor Accumulation

W. Gao, A. Chilkoti;

Duke Univ., Durham, NC.


Non-Viral Gene Therapy for Glioblastoma Multiforme

S. Y. Tzeng1, E. Martinez2, A. Quinones-Hinojosa3, J. J. Green1;

1Johns Hopkins Univ., Baltimore, MD, 2St. Edward's Univ., Austin, TX, 3Johns Hopkins Univ. Sch. of Med., Baltimore, MD.


Characterizing pH-Responsive Nanoparticles for Treatment of Mesothelioma Malignancies

A. H. Colby1, K. V. Zubris1, A. P. Griset1, Y. L. Colson2, M. W. Grinstaff1;

1Boston Univ., Boston, MA, 2Brigham and Women's Hosp., Boston, MA.


The Role of Varying PLGA Molecular Weight Blends Drug Release and Phase Inversion

L. Solorio, Jr.1, A. Olear1, J. Hamilton2, T. Krupka1, R. Patel1, A. Exner1;

1Case Western Reserve Univ., Cleveland, OH, 2Johns Hopkins Univ., Baltimore, MD.


EGFR-Targeted Pc4-Loaded Micelles for Photodynamic Therapy of Cancer

A. M. Master, N. L. Oleinick, A. Sen Gupta;

Case Western Reserve Univ., Cleveland, OH.

Ceramics in Orthopaedic and Dental Applications


In vitro Dissolution of Plasma Sprayed HA Coatings of Varying Crystallinity per ASTM F1926

B. P. Ginn, W. Tong;

DePuy Orthopaedics, Warsaw, IN.


3D Interconnected Calcium Phosphate Scaffold for Bone Tissue Engineering: Enhancement of Mechanical and Biological Properties

S. Tarafder, S. Bose;

Washington State Univ., Pullman, WA.


Release of Bioactive Molecules from a Moldable Calcium Sulfate Bone Graft Substitute

M. E. Brown, Y. Zou, K. Novak, T. Dziubla, D. Puleo;

Univ. of Kentucky, Lexington, KY.


Strontium and Magnesium Oxide Doped Nanoscale Hydroxyapatite coatings on Titanium Using rf Induction Plasma Spray for load bearing implants

S. Bose;

Washington State Univ., Pullman, WA.


Calcium Phosphate Coatings Enhance Stability of Β-Tricalcium Phosphate Biomaterials and Serve as Templates for Binding and Release of Growth Factors

D. Suarez-Gonzalez, J. Lee, R. Vanderby, Jr., W. L. Murphy;

Universtity of Wisconsin- Madison, Madison, WI.


Improvement of Osteointegration of Titanium Implant by Incorporation of PTH into Biomimetic CaP Coating

X. Yu1, M. Wei1, L. Wang2, X. Jiang2, D. W. Rowe2;

1Inst. of Materials Sci., Storrs, CT, 2Dept. of Reconstructive Sci., Sch. of Dental Med., Univ. of Connecticut Hlth. Ctr., Farmington, CT.

Novel Approaches to Cellular Therapies


A Biomaterials Approach for Programming Cell Fate

J. A. Ankrum;

Harvard-MIT, Cambridge, MA.


Rational Design of a Platelet-Mimetic Hemostatically Active Nanoconstruct

M. Ravikumar, T. Wang, C. Modery, A. Sen Gupta;

Case Western Reserve Univ., Cleveland, OH.


Fabrication and Characterization of Neurospheres with Novel Method for Suppression of Immune Response in Vivo

X. Li1, X. Liu1, L. Roudsari1, J. Morgan2, N. Zhang1, X. Wen1;

1Clemson Univ., Charleston, SC, 2Brown Univ., Providence, RI.


The Response of Rheumatoid Arthritis Synovial Fibroblasts to Therapeutic Ultrasound in 2D and 3D Culture

C. A. Close1, G. K. Lewis, Jr.2, R. A. Bader1;

1Syracuse Univ., Syracuse, NY, 2Cornell Univ., Ithaca, NY.


Injectable and Moldable Chitosan-Collagen Microbead Formulations for Bone Repair

L. Wang, R. Rao, J. Stegemann;

Univ. of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI.


Bioinert Polymeric MRI Contrast Agent for In Vivo Living Endothelial Progenitor Cell Tracking in Rat Ischemia Model

T. Yamaoka;

Natl. Cerebral and Cardiovascular Ctr. Res. Inst., Suita, JAPAN.

Spatially Patterned Biomaterials for Tissue Engineering


3D Tri-Culture of Mesenchymal Stem Cells with Osteoblasts and Adipocytes Differentially Regulates Gene Expression Towards Each Lineage

T. M. Hammoudi, N. C. Bloodworth, H. Lu, J. S. Temenoff;

Georgia Inst. of Technology, Atlanta, GA.


Image Guided 3D Patterning of Hydrogels to Recapitulate Microvascular Structures

J. C. Hoffmann1, J. C. Culver2, R. A. Poche2, M. E. Dickinson2, J. L. West1;

1Rice Univ., Houston, TX, 2Baylor Coll. of Med., Houston, TX.


Investigating the Effect of ECM Proteins on Substrate-Mediated Virus Gene Delivery

K. I. McConnell, J. H. Slater, J. L. West, J. Suh;

Rice Univ., Houston, TX.


Photoreversible Patterning of Biomolecules Within 3D Click Gels

C. A. DeForest1, K. S. Anseth2;

1Univeristy of Colorado, Boulder, CO, 2Univeristy of Colorado and the Howard Hughes Med. Inst., Boulder, CO.


Magnetically Assisted Pattering for the Biofabrication of Branched Vascular Structures

B. R. Whatley1, J. Morgan2, X. Wen1;

1Clemson Univ., Charleston, SC, 2Brown Univ., Providence, RI.


3D Biomaterial Scaffolds Exhibiting a Tunable Negative Poisson’s Ratio

P. Soman1, J. Lee1, D. Fozdar2, L-H. Han2, S. Chen1;

1Univ. of California, San Diego, San Diego, Ca, 2Univ. of Texas, Austin, Austin, Tx.